High-Vis Clothing EN471 Explanation
Providing the right protective clothing for workers in poor light and adverse weather is important. High-Visibility clothing often referred to as High-vis. Ark Safety helps you meet with the demands of EN471 by providing a range of high-vis clothing offering the highest possible visibility whatever the conditions. Hereunder the high branded Ocean Rainwear.
Specification for High Visibility Clothing EN471
EN471:2003 (High-vis warning clothing for professional use)
EN471:1994 has been superseded by EN471: 2003
This revised standard is intended to encompass all previous 1994
requirements while allowing for more “Corporate” styling without reducing personal safety. For example; retro reflective tape can be positioned at angles +/- 20degrees.
Garments tested to EN471: 1994 can continue to be sold, however any new designs must be tested to the revised standard.
Important when it comes to EN471
There are 3 classes of garment type based on the levels on conspicuity they provide. On all garments the retro-reflective tape must not be less than 50mm wide. Often even 7 cm are used these days. 
Class 1
Minimum background material 0.14m^2
Minimum Retro-reflective material 0.10m^2
Not aloud at road sides
Class 2
Minimum background material 0.5m^2
Minimum Retro-reflective material 0.13m^2 
Class 3
Minimum background material 0.8m^2
Minimum Retro-reflective material 0.2m^2 


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