We offer a complete range of HEAD-TO-TOE PROTECTION solutions.

  • Head Protection: Our range of head protection products including helmets and bump caps. All our head protection products meet the relevant EN812 or EN397 standards and we are an authorised distributor of the 3M Peltor brand in Ireland.
  • Hearing Protection: We offer a complete range of 3M, 3M E.A.R. and 3M Peltor hearing protections solutions including ear plugs and ear muffs. We have worked with 3M Peltor for many years and we are an authorised distributor for this leading brand in Ireland.
  • Eye and Face Protection: Our range of 3M and 3M Peltor eye and face protection solutions includes safety spectacles, googles, visors and integrated eyewear protection products. Our range of eyewear gives you a variety of modern and stylish products to choose from. All safety spectacles and goggles protect the eyes from a wide range of hazards and are available with a selection of coatings, lens types and accessories. All of our products meet the relevant EN166 standard.
  • Respiratory Protection: We offer a complete range of respiratory protection solutions from some of the industry-leading manufacturers including 3M, Segre, Makirite, Purelite and Bartells and Rieger. We offer everything from simple face masks to valved respirators to powered head shields and full hood respirators.
  • Hi-Visibility Clothing & Corporate Wear: We offer a complete range of hi-visibility workwear and high quality workwear from leading manufacturers including Oyster, Ocean and Blaklader.
  • Chainmail: We are the official distributor  in Ireland of the Niroflex and Manabo range of high quality chainmail products from Friedrich Münch. We offer gloves, gaunlets, aprons and boleros. In conjunction with Friedrich Münch we offer a fast, efficient and cost effective reconditioning service.
  • Disposible Garments: Our comprehensive range of disposible garments includes gloves, aprons, suits, overshoes, oversleeves, coveralls and and mop caps.
  • Hand Protection: We offer a complete range of high quality hand protection solutions in vinyl, PVC, nitrile, PU, polyester and cotton. We are an official distributor of Polyco products in Ireland.
  • Footwear: Our comprehensive range of footwear solutions is sourced from some of Europe's leading specialist manufacturers and includes well-known brands including Aimont, Jallette, Trucker, Gaston Mille, Sika and Ocean. Whatever the application we will find a solution. 
  • Aviation Lock-Out: We offer the Masterlock aviation lock-out programme.
  • Miscellaneous PPE: We offer a range of fall arrest, spill control and first-aid solutions.



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