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Cryo-Industrial Gauntlet Size L

220183 Cryo-Industrial Gauntlet Size L

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    Our Cryogenic Laboratory gloves are manufactured in four different lengths, as wrist, mid arm, elbow and shoulder. These gloves offer hand and arm protection for ultra cold environments and are waterproof. They provide a superb insulation which needs less thickness, giving more dexterity. They have a synthetic fibre outer for flexibility. The outer layer, of royal blue, woven polyamide, has a waterproof coating to protect against cryogenic liquid vapours. The middle layer is of a special polyolefin/polyester micr-fibre, which is almost twice as effective in thermal insulation as a similar thickness of down. This minimises heat transfer without being so thick as to be cumbersome. The inner layer is of cotton for comfortable wear. Cryogenic gloves are suitable for ultra low and blast freezers, cold rooms and dry ice handling. For use in clinical laboratories, bio-medical environments, blood banks, frozen food processing and the pharmaceutical industry.

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