Masterlock Aviation Safety Lock-Out

Masterlock Aviation Safety Lock-Out

The Masterlock Aviation Safety Lock-Out programme is the most advanced and developed in the aviation industry. It brings decades of OSHA LO/TO expertise, the broadest line of safety padlocks 

and innovative lockout devices, to the aviation industry with effective aircraft safety lockout devices devices that are: 
• Easy-to-use
• Maintain the de-energized state 
• Notify others of the safety lockout and maintenance being performed that are essential for worker safety
Protect your workers from harm and the equipment from damage.
Your employees must de-energize the on-board systems to safely perform their maintenance and 
overhaul responsibilities. 
• A pulled breaker can accidentally be bumped closed, re-establishing current. 
• A worker inside the aircraft cannot monitor the power receptacle to ensure no connection is made. 

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