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Red Welders Gauntlet

DWGL095 Red Welders Gauntlet

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    Specially designed to provide optimal protection for welders in high-heat environments. These gauntlets feature premium red leather construction for durability and resistance.


    • Made from high-quality red leather for durability and heat resistance.
    • Partial welting to the seams and finger tips enhances durability and longevity.
    • Self-hemmed design for added strength and protection.
    • Offers reliable hand and arm protection during welding operations.
    • Mechanical Testing: EN388, 4144X: Abrasion Resistance: 4 Circular Blade Cut Resistance: 1 Tear Resistance: 4 Puncture Resistance: 4 Straight Blade Cut Resistance Method (EN ISO 13997): X
    • Thermal Testing: EN407:2004 , 423X4X Burning Behavior: 4 Contact Heat: 2 Convective Heat: 3 Radiant Heat: X Small Splashes of Molten Metal: 4 Large Splashes of Molten Metal: X

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