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Why Fall Protection Gear Is Fundamental For The Construction Industry

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Fall Protection

Working at heights is a daily occurrence in the construction industry, making fall protection gear critically important to those in the profession. This equipment, designed to prevent or mitigate the impact of falls, is a fundamental part of ensuring worker safety on site.


Why Fall Protection Gear Is Fundamental For The Construction Industry - eBook - SM - Ark Safety


The importance of fall protection in construction safety


With reports of almost 7,000 non-fatal injuries within the construction industry over the past decade, it’s clear that efforts to enhance health and safety on-site need to be increased. Ensuring workers are kitted out with highly functional fall protection gear is a great starting point.

However, to ensure the correct items are being used, site managers, safety officers and HR personnel need to be aware of the specific risks and regulations linked with the sector.


Understanding the risks and regulations


The construction industry, with its high work platforms and scaffolding, inherently carries an elevated risk of falls. These incidents are the leading cause of serious injuries and fatalities in the industry.

Consequently, strict regulations require the use of fall protection gear to safeguard workers, ensuring that anyone working at heights is adequately protected. The EN 365 standard governs the use of fall protection equipment, laying out specific regulatory expectations surrounding its use, maintenance, repair and more. These guidelines present strict rules surrounding the regular inspection of this equipment in particular, emphasising the need for a competent individual, who is capable of identifying and assessing any defects, to carry out each inspection.

To ensure alignment with these safety standards, it’s important to choose a workwear supplier who offers unparalleled regulatory knowledge, as well as one who can advise on the right gear to select for specific environments.


Choosing the right fall protection gear


The selection of appropriate fall protection gear requires careful consideration. The aim is to find equipment that suits the specific needs of the job and the hazards present.


Features and fit for maximum safety


  • Effective fall protection gear must offer safety without compromising the wearer’s mobility. For this reason, both the fit of the item and its features are of equal importance.


  • Equipment such as harnesses, for example, should distribute the force of a fall across the body, while lanyards need to balance length and strength appropriately.


  • The gear must meet – if not exceed – safety standards and include features like shock absorption, durability and adjustability for a proper fit.


Training and best practices for fall protection


The effectiveness of fall protection gear also depends on the knowledge and preparedness of the workforce. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of the employer, who is obliged to provide the necessary training that will enable workers to use their equipment correctly.


Why Fall Protection Gear Is Fundamental For The Construction Industry - Ark Safety (2)


Ensuring proper use and maintenance


Aside from implementing regular and ongoing training for construction personnel, there are other ways to ensure that protective workwear continues to perform at its best. These include:


  • Encouraging workers to inspect their fall protection gear before each use, looking for signs of wear and tear, such as frayed straps, damaged buckles, or any deformities in the equipment.
  • Developing a checklist for workers to follow during their inspections, ensuring no component is overlooked.
  • Allocating specific areas for storing fall protection gear, which when not in use, should be clean, dry, and free from exposure to harmful chemicals or extreme temperatures that could degrade the materials.
  • Keeping equipment organised to prevent damage, such as hanging harnesses to avoid creases that could weaken the fabric.
  • Scheduling regular inspections by qualified individuals and establishing a clear process for reporting damaged or defective equipment.
  • Keeping logs for each piece of fall protection gear, noting the date of purchase, any incidents of damage, and the dates of inspections and repairs.
  • Following these safety practices diligently is essential for maintaining the effectiveness of fall protection measures.


Ark Safety’s fall protection solutions for construction


As a full-service supplier of quality PPE and safety workwear, Ark Safety offers a range of fall protection solutions designed specifically for the construction industry. Our products are tailored to meet the diverse needs of this sector and adhere to the highest safety standards.

Our expertise and range of fall protection solutions can help ensure your workforce is protected against falls. By partnering with us, you can actively create a safer working environment for each member of your team.

Contact us today to explore our solutions and take a step towards enhanced safety on your site, and be sure to also browse our blog and resources for more safety workwear-related news and updates.


Why Fall Protection Gear Is Fundamental For The Construction Industry - eBook - SM - Ark Safety

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