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SDS-055 Nitrile 5.5 Medical PF Blue

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    SDS-055 Nitrile 5.5 Medical PF Blue gloves are thicker and more durable than standard alternatives. These robust gloves are great for tough tasks, offering certified resistance against chemical splashes, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Nitrile 5.5 gloves are ideal for use across many industries - from automotive and manufacturing to food processing and lab work.


    • Robust nitrile offers enhanced durability in comparison to standard alternatives
    • Micro-textured fingertips provide excellent grip
    • Ideal for being worn underneath working gloves
    • Low chemical contact use
    • Soft nitrile formulation provides a comfortable fit that moulds to the shape of the hand
    • Protects against bacteria, fungi and viruses
    • Non-sterile
    • Tensile strength - 6 newtons
    • Glove weight: 5.5g +/- 0.5g
    • Medical Grade AQL 1.5 PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (as retained in UK and amended)
    • Plastic Materials and Articles in Contact with Food Regulation (EU) No 10/2011
    • EN 374-1:2016 / Type B
    • EN 374-4:2013 % Degradation
    • EN 374-5:2016

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